Whatever the skill and experience level of your child, they will spend a special time with a dedicated instructor to learn and progress with confidence.

During school holidays, private lessons can only be booked in advance for the weekends (for any time) and from monday to friday during the lunch period of 11:45 to 14:15. Other times can only be booked directly at the office from the Monday morning (subject to availability).
However, outside of school holidays, you can book private lessons at the time of your choice.

The meeting point for the lessons is in Arc 1950, in front of our Arc 1950 ESF's office.

For a group of 2 or more children, we ask that participants have the same level of ability so that the lesson is satisfactory for everyone.
Please Note:
Private lesson's availabilities during school holidays are:
_ all day long during the weekend
_ between 11:45 and 14:15 from sunday to friday

Please book at the reservation desk on Monday for all other times (subject to availability)

Private lessons

Children age from 6 to 11 - all levels
  • Meeting point in front of Arc 1950 ESF's office
  • All levels, the instructor adapts the lesson to the child
  • Our instructors speak different languages, please specify on booking
  • If more than 1 child, please ensure they are at the same level
  • For Ourson level - ski pass is not required on first lesson - the instructor will advise what kind of pass you'll have to buy for next lessons  
  • From Flocon to Competition levels - lift pass "Classic" is required
Private lesson  - 1 Hour
1 Person49 €
2 People62 €
3 to 4 People
72 €
Private lesson - 1.5 Hours
1 Person73.50 €
2 People93 €
3 to 4 People108 €
privatE lesson - 2 Hours
1 Person98 €
2 People124 €
3 to 4 People 144 €
5 to 10 People161 €

private lessons



49 €

hire an instructor

half day or full day 

Children age 6 to 11 - all levels
  • Dedicated instructor for half a day (3 hours)
  • OR Dedicated instructor for a full day
  • Our instructors speak different languages ​​: please specify the required language
  • We ensure that there is a consistent level of ability within the group to optimise the tuition
  • For Ourson level: no lift pass for the 1st lesson. The instructor will advise what kind of pass you'll have to buy for next lessons  
  • From Flocon to Competition levels: ski lift pass "Classic" is required
1 to 4 students190 €
5 to 10 students230 €
full day 
1 to 4 students390 €
5 to 10 students410 €

dedicated instructor

Half day or full day

190 €

carre neige insurance

i choose carre neige

carre neige integral - insurance before and during your stay
6 days 22.20 €
5 days18.50 €
You can subscribe for other duration by phone3.70 € / day
carre neige - insurance during your stay
Opt for Carre Neige by phone or at our office3.00 € / day

an insurance to enjoy holidays with total peace of mind